We welcome local adoptions in Hyderabad city, India and international to US and UK

We are shelter and foster based rescue in Hyderabad city, India. We accept adoption applications from Hyderabad, 100kms around Hyderabad. We rescue Indian street dogs and abandoned breed dogs. We vaccinate and sterilize every dog before adoption. We do not entertain breeders. Adoption fee in Hyderabad city, India is free.

International adopters – please read.

We bring dogs to USA. Up to July 2022, dog import ban is in effect. We can bring them after the ban is lifted. There are many logistics bringing dogs to USA. We ask interested potential adopters to be patient we plan the logistics and bring. Travel cannot happen overnight. Please know that you have to wait for a few months. Adopting an Indian street dog is most satisfying as you are giving a home to a homeless who otherwise has ano other place than polluted traffic streets or overcrowded shelters. We temperament test all dogs before bringing them. We check human-friendly, dog-friendly, potty training, and other domestication behavior. So that dog’s adoption is smooth.
Here are the options for bringing dogs from India.
1. Find flight volunteers who are traveling from India to US via Qatar airlines. Book dog’s travel with them. It’s most economical but has a lot of dependencies. In COVID it is very hard finding volunteers.
2. Bringing dogs with founder in her usual trip to India – Economical but depends on her schedule.
3. Bringing in CARGO. Cargo is expensive. It costs $2000 USD + vaccinations, ground transportation, a total of around $3000 USD. – Most expensive, no dependencies, works 100%. International adoption fees is variable between $1000 – $2500 depending on travel.m India.